My Priorities

This election is not just about the challenges we face today - but the vision we hold for our future

An inclusive, fair, and just society with affordable housing as a priority.

The Social Democrats want to make housing affordable - for students, workers, families and older people - and build communities that thrive.

We have a plan to build 10,000 genuinely affordable homes and 12,000 social homes every year.

We want to increase the tax on vacancy - to bring tens of thousands of empty homes back into use - and tackle dereliction.

Housing is the biggest challenge we face as a society, but failure is not an option.

We can, and we must, do so much better.

Solutions to the Climate Crisis

We are running out of time to meet our climate targets and protect nature.

We must introduce a retrofitting scheme that is affordable for families.

We need a new semi-state company to invest in off-shore wind - and reduce the cost of energy.

We must ensure a fair transition for workers and farmers - and incentivise sustainable farming to protect nature.

We need to build excellent cycling infrastructure to ensure everyone – including children – can get where they need to safely and efficiently. And invest in major public transport infrastructure so you can have the option to get where you need to using public transport.

The Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living is too high.

The Social Democrats believe investing in quality public services, is the best way to drive down costs.

We have a plan for universal access to healthcare that is free at the point of need.

Our education plan would ensure primary, secondary and third level education is genuinely free.

Investment in social and affordable housing would reduce housing costs.

Our childcare plan would reduce fees by 75%; increase paid parental leave to 12 months and increase maternity and paternity benefit to €350 per week.

We would increase pensions and other core social welfare rates by €25 per week.

Expanding disability services and recognising the cost of disability

Disability services are a right, they should not be a lottery.

Transforming disability services is a priority for the Social Democrats.

In Government, we will adequately invest to provide essential services - like an assessment of need, essential therapies, transport and education.

The cost of disability must be recognised with a €30 per week cost of disability payment.